ARD and ZDF media library: download films immediately – this is how it works

You can save films from the ARD and ZDF media libraries on your computer immediately. Without an extra tool. A browser is enough.

The films, programs and series episodes from ARD, ZDF and the other public broadcasters that are co-financed by your radio license fee are only available for viewing in the media libraries for a limited time. But you want to save exciting films permanently and then be able to watch them again at any time? No problem, a free website makes downloading a breeze. That’s how it’s done.

Find the program you want

Open the libraryviewweb page in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari, or another compatible browser. You do not need a login to use this page and you do not have to pay for it. Enter the desired search term in the field next to “Search”. Ideally, you have previously searched the web for the exact name of the program and now enter it.

Mediathekviewweb provides you with the right meetings from ARD, ZDF, BR, HR and many other public broadcasters in real time. Including contributions from the exciting special interest channels such as ZDF Info, Arte or Phoenix.

You have these options

For each hit, you can see the station and title as well as the first publication date, time and duration. If you click on the small blue triangle behind the title, you will get a brief description of the content. On the far right, behind a blue film symbol, you can see the options that are now available to you. Click on it. You can now stream the movie right from your browser, but most importantly, you can download the movie right away.

How to start the download

When downloading, you can choose between different file sizes. If your internet connection allows it, you should use the highest quality. Then click the floppy disk icon. The video will now start in Firefox. Now click with the right mouse button on the video and then select “Save video as …”. Now choose the storage location and the download will start. In some cases, the intermediate step with starting the video is also omitted and you can download the video directly from Mediathekviewweb.

Click the floppy disk icon.

If you start several downloads at the same time, it may take a while for all downloads to start. So be patient. Mediathekviewweb works very reliably.

Now save the film in Firefox.

Search options

Various filters and operators are available for searching on Mediathekviewweb, which are explained here.

The apps in the ARD and ZDF media libraries for iOS and Android also offer a “download function”. But this is only an offline viewing function and not an actual download. Because as soon as the said film is removed from the media library, it can no longer be viewed in the app. In addition, you can only watch such films within the media library app. If, on the other hand, you download the film to your computer using Mediathekviewweb, it will be available to you for an unlimited period of time for viewing on all devices.

Media library view is also available as a free tool. But with Mediathekviewweb you don’t have to install any software, unlike Mediathekview, you just need a compatible browser. It couldn’t be more convenient. Especially since Mediathekview has always caused problems in the past. But if you still prefer to use the tool, then read on here: Download videos directly from the ZDF media library.

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