Arda and Amber from ‘Temptation Island’ Announce Baby’s Gender

The most notorious couple of the previous season Temptation Island – Amber and Arda – have announced the gender of their upcoming first child on Instagram. The lovebirds are expecting a son.

One of the main protagonists of last season of Temptation Island on FIVE was without a doubt Arda. He took part in the program with his then girlfriend Elke to test her, but soon fell for the temptation himself.

Arda and Amber

His attention first went completely to Eline, with which he also dove between the sheets. Arda was immediately in love, but it turned out not to be mutual. Eline did not feel like moving to Belgium and left Arda broken. But it soon became clear that on the island – besides his girlfriend Elke – there was someone else with an interest in Arda: Amber.

The last episode finally confirmed what had been in the air for some time: Arda and Amber were after Temptation Island started a relationship. Shortly thereafter, even bigger news came, because the brand new couple immediately appeared to be expecting a baby. It was later revealed that Arda and Amber had only been together for three months when she got pregnant. Arda herself proudly called it “super seed”.

Little boy

Since then, it was mainly a matter of waiting for the gender of the Baby Türkér to be revealed, especially after them Temptation Islandcolleagues Gianni and Melissa held a large-scale large-scale gender reveal party. Arda and Amber were even there, but kept it a bit more modest.

With two beautifully posed photos and a lot of blue smoke, we find out on both of their Instagram that Amber is expecting a boy. At the moment she is almost five months pregnant, so we can normally expect the baby in early December.

This is what the gender reveal of Arda and Amber looked like


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