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are these destinations already on your list?

Can’t you wait until you can finally unbundle the Netherlands to warmer places? Did you already have a one-way ticket ‘far away’ in your online shopping cart? Then wait a little longer, because there is a good chance that the corona pandemic will affect our favorite (travel) destinations.

Have you been packing your backpack in the corner of your room for months? When the go-ahead is given, ready to catch the first and best plane to… Well, where exactly? A vaccine against the corona virus may have put an end to the corona crisis, but there is still no real prospect of when we can start traveling. And there is a good chance that the corona virus has left its mark on traveling.

Clean, healthy and safe

The virus has put hygiene, health and safety in the spotlight in recent months, and that will be no different when choosing a travel destination. According to research from the Pacific Asia Traval Association (PATA), it is clear that we will have new travel preferences. In the future, we would be more attracted to destinations that are seen as clean, healthy and safe, and places that have handled the pandemic relatively well.

Before the pandemic we loved going to parts of Asia and Oceania for those beautiful beaches, beautiful views and blue beaches. Now, according to PATA (which researched Asia and Oceania), we would not only focus on the beautiful destination, but also include the health aspect.


Take Japan and Australia, examples of countries that had excellent control over the corona crisis. Last year, severe action was taken in both countries. In Australia, Christmas was just celebrated and the total number of infections in Japan is under half a million (for comparison: in the Netherlands we have already passed the million). Now these countries have always been popular destinations, but if they were to profile themselves as healthy and hygienic, it could contribute to even more tourists, according to PATA.

Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam are also on the list. Thailand has had few corona infections and has taken severe action at the start of the pandemic. The same goes for Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is said to have had one of the best ‘reactions’ to the virus in the world. That would, according to PATA sales point of these countries.

Not only has hygiene become more important since the corona pandemic, it is also difficult to shake those five feet away from you. In order to avoid the crowds, quieter places can gain popularity. That’s where India comes into play. Maybe not the country you think of, if hygiene and health are your starting point; there is not always sufficient access to hospitals and doctors and the country has been badly hit by the corona virus. Yet you will find the seclusion there, which will sometimes be hard to find in Singapore, for example.

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Long journey after the corona pandemic: are these destinations already on your list?


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