Are Uber drivers required to be employed? | Fewer bankruptcies again | And only vaccinated trading on Wall Street

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Is Uber required to hire its drivers? The FNV union demands that the taxi app see its drivers as employees, because there is a case of bogus self-employment. The Amsterdam court will soon make a decision. In similar cases, several judges have previously ruled that Deliveroo deliverers should be treated as employees.

The number of bankruptcies has decreased even further. Last month, only 98 companies went bankrupt, CBS reported this morning. The number of monthly bankruptcies has more than halved since the corona outbreak compared to pre-corona levels. The reason: the generous support packages from the government.

While the Dutch business community is arguing for compulsory vaccination, America is already there. As of today, unvaccinated stock traders on Wall Street are no longer welcome on the floor. Visitors, such as the loudspeakers of The Bellmust be able to present a vaccination certificate. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is ramping up pressure on the unvaccinated.

This piece was the most shared this weekend: If you want to give your house a lick of paint inside or outside, you will pay more for it than earlier this year or last year. It has become more expensive for paint manufacturers to make paint as a result of increased raw material prices.

We think you should also read this: It is a term that you often hear these days: the landlord levy. But why is tax levied on social housing and why do so many people prefer to get rid of it as soon as possible?

And this you may have missed this weekend: ING, Rabobank and ABN Amro must repay 4.2 billion to 16.7 billion euros to consumers because they have paid too much in variable interest for decades. If they do not do so voluntarily, a lawsuit will follow.

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ps There is no quick solution to the problems on the housing market. If you want to shake up the market, you have to slow down demand and do something about inequality, argues Roland Koopman.

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