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Are you actually still financially fit? That’s how you find out

It happens often enough: losing sight of your finances. Because how much have you already repaid? Do you earn more through a new job? Has there been a family expansion?

Without realizing it, your financial situation is constantly changing.

This way you keep your finances in top condition

Many people don’t have the time or just don’t feel like diving into their finances. The paperwork alone can overwhelm you.

But just like a personal trainer during exercise, you also have a coach who can help you with your finances. A coach who arranges your paperwork, keeps track of what you can save money on and knows exactly when it is time to transfer your mortgage.

A coach for your finances

You and your coach look at your wishes and goals. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? Every year we check whether your financial or personal situation has changed and whether this new situation affects your financial plan.

A Financial Fit coach assesses at the same time whether your current coverages and products are still best suited to your situation.

It couldn’t be easier

It really is much easier than you think. This way you can safely forward your data to the advisor by logging in once with your DigiD. If you give permission, your Financieel Fit coach can view and analyze your information.

In the Financieel Fit app you will then find all your data and products in a total overview. Nice and easy.

Take the Financially Fit test

When you have provided your data, the test can be performed. You will then receive a personal report of your financial situation. It is of course possible that you have arranged everything perfectly and then such a report is only a nice overview. This gives you a pleasant and secure feeling.

But it may also be that a number of products or insurance policies no longer suit your circumstances. With the Financieel Fit test you can find out whether you may be paying too much for something or whether you are not insured for something.

If so, your coach will come to the rescue and you won’t have to worry anymore.

Do you want a Financial Fit coach? Then take a look at the Financieel Fit website.

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