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Are you feeling hungry again shortly after breakfast? Not with these tips

5 tips to pay attention to at breakfast

If you think you have had a hearty breakfast, the opposite turns out to be true. You can read here how that works and how you can survive until lunch without snacks.

1: Make time for breakfast

Even though we work at home en masse and you would expect it to be less running, flying and jumping, breakfast is often a matter of bite-swallow. Press the snooze button ten minutes earlier and you have bonus time for breakfast. By eating slowly you get a more satiated feeling than when it is quickly bite away.

2: Avoid a lot of sugars

Delicious such a sweet breakfast only shoots your blood sugar levels up considerably. This ensures that your stomach will be heard again quickly. Not only added sugars, but also fruit sugars fall into this category. If you limit the amount of fruit sugars, juices, smoothies, croissants, cruesli and muesli during breakfast, then hunger will only come back around the clock from 12:00 instead of 10:00.

3: Opt for nutritious

As mentioned, breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is important to get enough nutrients. If you stick to a meager meal, your inner engine will not get the right amount of fuel. This will make you hungry again within two hours. It is therefore ideal to eat enough, preferably between 300 and 400 kcal. Breakfasts that have the X factor include oatmeal with (vegetable) milk and nuts or a brown sandwich with egg and some fruit. Fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats, check!

4: Don’t forget to drink

Where we constantly talk about nutrition, we should not overlook the importance of drinking enough. Your tea, glass of milk or cup of coffee is also filling. And now suppose you get hungry during the morning, try to drink something first. It may well be that your body does not ask for food, but is thirsty.

5: Eat a healthy snack

If the hungry feeling distracts you from work and a drink doesn’t help, go for a healthy mid-morning snack. Take a banana with a few raw nuts or a cracker with peanut butter and banana and your blood sugar levels will remain fine until lunch.


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