Are you green or blue? Corona warning app will soon show vaccination status in color

The Corona-Warn-App will show the vaccination status in color in the future. Here’s what the change is all about.

The Corona-Warn-App is expected to receive an update at the end of September that will highlight the vaccination status in the app with different colors. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach had already announced the corresponding change earlier this week

announced in a tweet
. Lauterbach said: “The fact that ‘freshly vaccinated’ cannot be checked is also wrong, the CWA shows a different color of the certificate.”

On Friday, Der Spiegel reports on its website that the Corona-Warn-App will display the vaccination status with the color “green” and then with the color “blue” for the first three months after a vaccination. If new vaccines protect against infection for a longer period of time, this will also be taken into account in the color display in the Corona-Warn-App. Lauterbach said this at a press conference on Friday. Der Spiegel has learned from “close circles” that the Corona warning app will receive the corresponding update at the end of September.

Therefore, the vaccination status should be displayed in color in the Corona-Warn-App

The green color when displaying corona vaccination certificates in the Corona-Warn-App is intended to help with controls that will be necessary from autumn due to the new corona measures planned by the federal government. The plans state that newly vaccinated people will no longer have to wear masks indoors. For all other people, on the other hand, a mask requirement should apply if they enter a restaurant, for example. In this context, Lauterbach announced that there should be more campaigns to carry out a fourth vaccination.

During the check, the green vaccination certificate in the app allows the inspector to see more quickly and easily whether a person is required to wear a mask or not. A fresh vaccination is already shown in the Corona-Warn-App, but “only” with a plus sign next to “2G”.

Ultimately, the color coding of the vaccination certificate is only a visual aid during checks, because the QR code displayed by the app for the stored, forgery-proof vaccination certificate must be scanned in order to check the vaccination status.

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