Ariana Grande responds to rapper 6ix9ine’s allegations of fraud

A few weeks ago, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber released the song together Stuck With You from. It immediately became a huge hit and entered the charts worldwide. But now rapper 6ix9ine accuses the duo of buying the number 1 position on Billboard. Ariana Grande defends herself on Instagram.

Stuck With You is the lockdown hit of the moment and entered the Billboard Hot 100, the most important chart in America, at number one. And someone was not so happy about that. Rapper 6ix9ine’s most recent hit is currently at number 3, accusing Grande and Bieber of buying the top spot.

“Billboard is a lie”

6ix9ine explains on Instagram how Stuck With You was number 1 due to fraud: “I want the world to know that Billboard is a lie. You can buy a number one hit. We did a little research and found that they have 30,000 copies of it Stuck With You bought with six credit cards. Explain that to me? ”. He also tells that his latest issue GOOBA actually had to be much higher in the list. The song is said to have reached about 50 million streams, but according to the Billboard count it was only 31 million. “I had the biggest record,” said the rapper.


Ariana Grande commented on 6ix9ine’s accusations in a post on Instagram: “To those who are not happy with his place on the list this week and are trying hard to take down hard-working women (and only the women …) I ask to be more humble. Be thankful that you are on the list, that there are people who want to listen to your music. That is a privileged position. ”

“Congratulations to all of my talented colleagues in the top ten this week. Even number 3 ”, the singer ended her message on Instagram. Justin Bieber also joined the discussion. He said that when talking about Ariana Grande, they should also involve him, because it is also about his song.

Billboard himself also published a statement about the events on his website. The number of streams of the YouTube video cited by 6ix9ine is a global figure. But in the Hot 100, only the streams from the United States are counted.

Watch Ariana Grande’s reaction below:


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