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Armie Hammer steps out of film after allegations of rape and cannibalism fetishes

American actor Armie Hammer is out of the new movie Shotgun Wedding stepped. He does so after a woman came out with a series of private messages that Hammer would have sent. In it he describes his sexual preferences, including rape and cannibalism.

Armie Hammer you may know from The Social Network or Call Me By Your Name, is accused of having deviant sexual preferences. Although he himself denies this, he has decided to leave the film Shotgun Wedding to step. In it he would be seen on the side of Jennifer Lopez.

Cannibalism and Rape

It was the Instagram account @houseofeffie that came out with a bunch of screenshots she says she got from actor Armie Hammer. The messages are often sexual, but some are disturbing.

There are reports in which ‘Hammer’ says that he “wants to bite a piece out of her skin”. In other reports he says he would “like to eat her heart if it weren’t attached to her body.” There is also another post where ‘Hammer’ literally says, “I’m 100 percent cannibal, I want to eat you. It’s scary to admit that, I’ve never admitted that before. ”

The instagram account collected screenshots of several women who were all among Hammer’s ‘kittens’. They all said they had affairs with Hammer, which he covered up by taking his daughter for walks when she couldn’t sleep. These women testified to BDSM and rape roleplay. Finally, there is also an audio recording in which Armie Hammer seems to admit that he sent the messages to someone with whom he was in a “fetish relationship”, but that it is about “niche preferences” and that it is about the thing that he “in the heat of the momentSaid.

“Bullsh * t stories”

In a statement to Deadline, Hammer responded to the allegations. “I’m not responding to these bullsh * t stories, but in the face of these vile and false online attacks against me. I cannot now leave my children four months behind to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. Lionsgate supports me in this and I am grateful to them for that. ”

The production also confirmed that the actor himself had asked to leave the film and that they supported him in that decision.


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