Around 50 percent discount on the purchase of the electric Smart EQ fortwo

With the first Smart in 1998, Daimler shocked the automotive industry. If the small vehicle for the city (with a length of just 2.5 meters) was initially ridiculed, it quickly showed an ever-growing customer base how practical the Smart is in overcrowded cities. The third generation has been on the market since 2014 and is also the basis for the currently available smart models. With one huge difference: while the little one was still with a three-cylinder petrol engine on board until mid-2019, the Daimler subsidiary has now made the transition to a fully electric brand.


Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ fortwo with discount

The Smart EQ fortwo is available at with a discount of up to 12,144 euros. (As of November 29, 2021)

Since the beginning of 2017, a 60 kW electric motor has ensured that the Smart EQ fortwo, as the model is now called, can roll silently through the city. Thanks to a curb weight of one ton, rear-wheel drive and an instant torque of 160 Nm, it sometimes even feels sporty. The battery with a capacity of 16.7 kWh allows a maximum range of 159 kilometers with one charge, ideally the charging time is only around 40 minutes. If you have access to a wallbox in the underground car park and are now seriously considering buying a Smart EQ fortwo, you should have at least 21,940 euros ready according to the list. With the right provider, however, you can save a large part of this sum. At you can currently save up to 12,144 euros. The purchase premium for electric cars is already included. (Here are important tips for buying a new car on the Internet!)

Leather, heated seats and 16-inch 8-Y design

You don’t have to worry too much about the question of which Smart is the right one. Because if you decide in favor of the classic, the Smart fortwo only has to ask about the equipment line. When it comes to propulsion, the company relies on a standard solution with the aforementioned 60 kW and a 16.7 kWh battery. In the prime equipment version, the compact Stromer is adorned with amenities such as black leather covers with decorative stitching, electric exterior mirrors and automatic air conditioning. The seat heating and 16-inch 8-Y design are also part of the standard equipment – all things that you would not expect in a small electric vehicle. So lavishly equipped According to the RRP, the Smart EQ fortwo prime costs at least 24,740 euros. At, prices for the top model start at EUR 13,291. That corresponds to a discount of 11,449 euros or around 46 percent. While a large part of that savings comes from the environmental bonus, it’s an incredible proposition. If you donate a few extras that are subject to a surcharge, the discount can even increase to 12,144 euros (attention: the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros).

Save more than half in the basic edition

But it can get even crazier, as a look at the other offers shows. Those who see the Smart EQ fortwo as what they want to be (namely a practical city vehicle to master short distances stress-free) and in this case forego unnecessary comfort, are well served with the standard equipment. Here the prices at start at 10,771 euros. Compared to the RRP of 21,940 euros, that’s a discount of more than 50 percent or 11,069 euros. Of course, this dream value only comes about thanks to the environmental bonus and is reduced once more by the transport costs. But both of these should be of secondary importance if you are looking for the cheapest possible electric car.

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