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Legal in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has flexible regulations when it comes to street art. The Argentinian capital is therefore a mecca for lovers of this art form. All an artist needs to legally put a work of art on the wall is permission from the owner of the property.

It is certainly not easy to choose the most beautiful works of this city. In the Villa Urquiza district you will find the artwork El Cuento de los Loros. This mural has four floors. You will see the head of the architect Clarindo Testa with parrots, Michelangelo’s David and an expressive portrait. All this is on a skateboard. Another work not to be missed is Karl Marx van Eversiempre and his nine cats. The Dutch duo Miel and Telmo also made a striking work, a man sleeping on a horse. Their artwork is called The Pale Horse and its Rider.

São Paolo: an alley full

São Paolo in Brazil is a well-known place for many street art connoisseurs. The best is the bohemian district of Vila Madalena.

Also, when visiting this Brazilian city, you cannot skip the Beco de Batman, also called Batman alley. This is an open air art gallery with always something going on. In this alley it is difficult to choose a specific work of art as a favorite. Each artist owns the wall with the permission of the owner. This makes him or she the only one who is allowed to paint on that wall.

Political Messages in Canada

Leonard Cohen in Montreal.

Leonard Cohen in Montreal.

The works in Montreal, Canada, often have a political message. You will find cartoons, confrontational murals or political jokes throughout the city. During the Mural Festival in June, even more street art is being created than usual. One of the city’s most extraordinary works is a Leonard Cohen mural painted by downtown artists Gene Pendon and El Mac.

London: (partly) famous thanks to Banksy

A little closer to home than the cities mentioned above is London. London is doing well on the world stage, with visitors worldwide taking a look at the walls of the English city. One of the most beautiful places for street art in the city is the almost three hundred meter long Leak Street Tunnel under the Waterloo station. Thanks to Banksy, this place has become famous and legal to spray. In the city you will also find many works by Banksy. The neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Hackney also lend themselves well to street art.

One of the most impressive works can be found in Shoreditch at New Inn Yard. The UK’s largest street mural called ‘Connectivity Matters’ shows a collaboration between 16 different artists from the city.

World famous picture in Berlin

'My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love' by Russian Dmitri Vrubel in Berlin.

‘My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love’ by Russian Dmitri Vrubel in Berlin.

The European city of Berlin is also known for its many street art. The street art scene is constantly changing in this German city.

A special work of the city is that of Dmitri Vrubel called My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love. The Vrubel mural is an interpretation of a world-famous photo from 1979, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic. In the photo you can see Leonid Brezhnev, the secretary general of the Soviet Union and Erich Honecker, the secretary general of the GDR Socialist Unity Party, kissing.


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