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Art Rooijakkers followed people whose lives were turned upside down by corona

With Everyone Had It: Corona Special TV maker Art Rooijakkers looks back on RTL 4 on Sunday evening on a historic year for many. The year of corona. He followed four people whose lives suddenly turned upside down during the first wave.

It was 2019 when the 44-year-old Rooijakkers devised his fun program Everyone Had It Over on the tube. He sought out the man behind the flippo craze. Met asylum seeker Mauro, who caused conversations at the coffee machine through a famous photo with a tear; and who was invited to a football match in a talk show via a piece of paper by CDAer Henk Bleker. We also saw Laura, who sailed the world as a teenage girl (also Subway spoke to her about it) and a mother who experienced the 2004 tsunami.

This (corona) spring Rooijakkers filmed for a new series. “I had to shoot in Breda, when the woman I was going to visit called that her husband worked in the hospital, that there was corona there and whether we could not better reschedule the appointment,” he says on the phone. “Well what did it matter, it will all be fine,” I said then. “We knew a lot. We would also film abroad and bring people together, none of that happened. Everyone Had It Over has now been moved to 2021, I hope. ”

Rooijakkers came up with something else

Out of necessity, Rooijakkers took a different approach. “We made a program about major news events, which were canceled due to a major news event. Then we thought: that is the subject, we are going to work on it. Everyone was not just talking about it, everyone was also experiencing it. ”

In the meantime he could Rooijakkers on the Floor and visited, among others, “corona minister” Hugo de Jonge. What kind of man did he find? “An er… I met a man with a good dose of positive and enthusiastic energy, which I actually found quite striking. After all, he is the man who is in the middle of the storm and was also party leader of the CDA at the time. When I’m busy with my work I can get cranky or withdrawn and don’t always speak with two words anymore. But not Hugo de Jonge, he happily continued with us that day. You can think of everything about him, especially when it comes to vaccination policy, but you would be in his shoes. ”

The photo of the year?

In front of Everyone Had It: Corona Special Rooijakkers followed one familiar face (TV presenter Tess Milne) and three unknown Dutch people. Although the program also Everyone is still talking about it could have been called, the title does cover the charge: with all four things happened this spring and therefore during the first wave something unimaginable.

Take Monique, for example, who had six new funeral assignments in her phone every time after a funeral. A photo from her contribution to Everyone Had It Over provides perhaps the most telling picture of the corona year. This is it:

A photo of the wrapped woman saying goodbye to her husband
Sometimes a picture says everything. Photo: RTL

Rooijakkers: “Isn’t it intense? Also the story. Monique also had to bury her best friend, but this photo looks intensely lonely. A totally wrapped up elderly woman who says goodbye to her husband on her own. Nobody was allowed to hug her because she had corona herself. ” Even sadder: four days after this photo and the funeral, the woman also died.

Even a caesarean section at home

“So the second is Tess Milne, who many people know,” continues the TV maker. “Tess was pregnant and knew she would have to give birth by caesarean section. At one point she started googling whether you could also perform a Caesarean section at home. She thought: it will not happen to me that it is not possible in the hospital. Fortunately it all turned out well. ”

Then there is also 25-year-old IC nurse Emma who contracted corona. And how. Rooijakkers: “Emma went viral because of a photo with her text” I will continue to work for you, you will stay at home for us “. Then she got corona and is one of those sick who did not end up on the ICU, but had complaints for a long time. She cannot work to this day. ”

Finally, we see Elon, an 83-year-old man with a demented woman. “That is a tragic love story. Elon saw the love of his life disappear in a nursing home because she was severely demented. He was no longer allowed to go to her and she died during that lockdown. Dramatic, also the story of her nurse. That all those people were in isolation and they didn’t understand anything about it. They asked, “May I get out of here, I haven’t been naughty, have I?”

Rooijakkers went with that idea Everyone Had It Over also in. “There has now been a kind of habituation, while we were all on edge during those first weeks. We clapped on pots and pans for healthcare, now right through Mark Rutte’s speech. Now we are mainly concerned with the measures rather than the disease itself. That was so different during the first wave. ”

Rooijakkers and the year 2020

How did Art Rooijakkers actually experience 2020 itself? “I thought it was a shitty year, or can I do that in one Subwayarticle? So I didn’t think it was a fun year, but also double. I was shocked when my dad ended up in the hospital on the first wave, but luckily that wasn’t corona. In my area, no people have become seriously ill due to the virus, then you can count yourself lucky. What was also positive: I have my book The Age of my Daughters when my other work came to a standstill. I am proud of that. But of course I hope that 2021 will be a better year in many respects. ”

Everyone Had It On: Corona can be seen on RTL 4 on Sunday 3 January at 10.55 pm.

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Art Rooijakkers followed four people whose lives were completely turned upside down by corona


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