Artificial intelligence to help you configure the Porsche Taycan

To make the Taycan setup easier, Porsche has developed an artificial intelligence that predicts your choices.

As usual, Porsche offers a very large catalog of versions and options for its cars. And the Taycan is no exception. To facilitate the configuration of the electric sedan, Porsche has developed an artificial intelligence that anticipates the customer’s choices and preconfigures the Taycan.

To make its AI operational and reliable, the Zuffenhausen brand has deployed 270 machine learning models on configurators in several different markets. By compiling the data acquired, the devices were able to develop a predictive algorithm to improve the customer experience.

Artificial intelligence that is not intrusive

However, the operation of this system is not as intrusive as sponsored posts on certain social networks, for example. Porsche’s artificial intelligence must be activated by the customer who, after starting their setup, will be offered other options or configurations to meet their needs and tastes.

According to the manufacturer, artificial intelligence is already 90% accurate with customers. A rate that will be taken to evolve since the tool has a permanent learning system. Enough to help you not to have the same Porsche Taycan as your neighbor. For now, the service is only available in a handful of markets but will soon be offered in France.


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