Aschbacher successor: Martin Kocher becomes the new labor minister without family agendas

Finally, Kocher thanked his employees at Institute for Advanced Studies.

However, Kocher will concentrate solely on the labor market. The family and youth agendas will be taken over by Integration Minister Susanne Raab, said Federal Chancellor Kurz when asked.

Kocher has headed IHS since 2016

Born in 1973 from Salzburg, he studied economics with a research focus on behavioral economics. Kocher has headed the IHS since 2016, and since 2020 he has also been chairman of the Fiscal Council, a control body for the conduct of public finances.

Kocher is known to many people through his economic policy analyzes in the media. The IHS also prepares the regular economic forecasts together with the WIFO, on the basis of which the government draws up the budget.

IHS, Fiscal Council and Research

Kocher currently has three jobs under one roof. In addition to leading the IHS and the Fiscal Council, which makes him the guardian of Austria’s national debt, the behavioral economist also teaches at the University of Vienna. In his research, Martin Kocher deals with numerous topics from the field of experimental behavioral economics, which deals with the psychological foundations of economic behavior. He has also written numerous books and articles on this. He is considered one of the most active researchers in the field of experimental economic research in Germany. For example, he published works on the influence of time pressure on individual decisions or the development of preferences in children and adolescents. In the field of sports economics, for example, Kocher and his co-author Matthias Sutter showed that referees often judge in favor of the home team when they are behind.


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