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Experts from legal service provider DAS, Van Gelderen Arbeidsadvocaten, Law Firm Tavasszy and the Legal Desk answer questions about employment conditions or dismissal.

You can email questions up to and including Tuesday 8 September to [email protected]

Employment contract

In the email, briefly and concisely state something about your situation: what kind of employment contract you have (temporary or indefinite), what is going on, and what steps have you already taken yourself. This dismissal consultation is aimed at employees and not employers.

The dismissal consultation lasts one day: the experts are happy to answer concrete questions or refer you to the appropriate authorities, but they do not have time to take in entire files.

phone number

However, it is useful if you state your telephone number and you can be reached on 9 September, so that they can ask some additional questions.

No rights can be derived from the answers of the legal experts.


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