Ask your question about the new corona measures

How dangerous is the new Omikron variant? Will there be an extended Christmas break? Can we celebrate Christmas with (large) company? Should the catering industry remain closed in the evenings or not?

We will get answers to these and more questions in the press conference, which can be seen live from 19.00 on this site, RTL 4 and RTL Z.

Your question

After the press conference and questions from journalists, we continue in the studio. There we give space to questions from viewers, which can be seen from 19.50 on RTL Z (channel 11 at KPN, 12 at Ziggo).

What’s going on with you? Which question remains underexposed in your opinion? Ask your question here. You can be approached by our editors about your question.

Our editors make a selection from the questions that come in and submit them to our experts.

Submitted questions and other data will be deleted by us after the broadcast.

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