Asrock: First video of an Arc-A380 graphics card

Manufacturer Asrock apparently has its own custom model of the Intel Arc A380 graphics card in the pipeline.

So far, manufacturer Asrock had exclusively produced graphics cards with chips from AMD, but with the mainboards there was a choice between boards with Intel or AMD sockets. Now Asrock seems to be preparing for its own custom models of the upcoming Intel graphics cards. A video of an Arc-A380 graphics card made by Asrock has appeared on the Chinese website Bilibili. The entry-level graphics card should put AMD and Nvidia under pressure in this buyer segment. Asrock only uses one fan for the Arc A380 Challenger, which is quite large.

Still no Geforce cards from Asrock

Apparently, Asrock has had good experiences with the previous cooperation with Intel. New mainboards with the Intel 700 chipset will probably soon be added to the mainboards of the Intel 600 series that have been offered up until now. The Taiwanese manufacturer is apparently still not interested in its own Geforce graphics cards. At least there are no custom models with Nvidia graphics chips yet.

Plenty of VRAM and good ray tracing performance

Initial tests of the Arc A380, which has so far only been available in China, indicate that the entry-level graphics card from Intel cannot really compete with the competition from AMD and Nvidia. The performance is significantly worse, but at the same time the Intel GPU draws more power from the power supply than the competition. Additionally, the unfinished drivers would complicate compatibility with some games. However, the relatively large video memory of 6 GB and the ability to encode and decode AV1 videos speak in favor of the Intel graphics card. The Arc A380 graphics card also collects plus points in the area of ​​ray tracing.

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