Asrock provides BIOS updates for Raptor Lake

With a BIOS update, Asrock mainboards will be fit for the use of the upcoming “Raptor Lake” processors.

If you have installed a mainboard with an Asrock 600 chipset in your computer, you can easily run one of the upcoming “Raptor Lake” processors from Intel on it. The 13th Core i generation should appear in the second half of the year and will also be based on the LGA 1700 socket. Intel continues to stick to the hybrid design, so it offers several CPUs with performance and efficiency cores. The chips are manufactured using the 7-nanometer process.

600 series chipsets compatible with Raptor Lake

Manufacturer Asrock is apparently well prepared for the release of the new processors from Intel: the company is now offering BIOS and UEFI updates for compatible mainboards with a 600 chipset. Although a chipset specially designed for Raptor Lake is to appear with the 700 chipset, the mainboards with the Z690, H670, B660 and H610 chipsets are also compatible with Raptor Lake.

Several update options

The update can be carried out either via a USB stick, and Asrock also offers another convenient option for updating with the in-house EZ update. The BIOS also includes a function called “Auto Driver Installer (ADI)”, which connects to Ethernet and also works without an operating system. It even allows drivers to be downloaded and installed without having to start the operating system. The installation of updates can also be initiated via a BIOS flashback button. All new BIOS updates can be found on the Asrock official website. There is also a list of all compatible mainboards and chipsets.

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