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“My mother gives me quite a few groceries a week, two loaves of bread, three bags of lettuce, a box of eight pieces of meat, two boxes of eggs, toilet paper, coffee. I get a bag with groceries once a week, ”the woman told the service, as it emerged in a lawsuit at the Utrecht court.

The messages certainly did not only come from Albert Heijn, she told the Social Services employee. “You say that you were surprised that during the house visit you mainly found substances from Albert Heijn. My mother first goes to Lidl and then she goes to Albert Heijn. My mother is very attentive to the offers. I hardly spend any money on groceries myself. I think a maximum of € 10 per week. I spend almost my entire benefit on fixed costs. ”

She had to repay € 7,040 from the municipality in excess of assistance received over the period 2015 to 2018. The woman complained about this to the court in vain. The court ruled that it must indeed repay this amount, because the groceries were a monetary benefit. Those donations must therefore be deducted from the benefit.


Following all the reactions, the municipality of Wijdemeren will look again at the woman’s case, the NOS reports. Indignant reactions came from The Hague to the news that the woman has to pay back thousands of euros in social assistance because she had received messages from her mother.

SP party leader Lilian Marijnissen and her party colleague Peter Kwint write on Twitter that the government has drowned in a desire to regulate. PVV leader Geert Wilders writes on Twitter that the government has learned “nothing at all” from the benefits affair.


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