Aston Martin announces electric sedan and SUV for 2025

The new Aston Martin logo

Lawrence Stroll, CEO of Aston Martin, explained that the British brand is considering electric cars. The brand had released the Rapide E, an electric sedan, and will soon release its DBX SUV in a hybrid version. If the deployment of an electrified range is still unclear, Stroll is already laying the groundwork.

Aston Martin has been undergoing a change for a year following the takeover by billionaire Lawrence Stroll. The Canadian became CEO of the brand in early 2020 and notably marked his return to Formula 1. Now, he is working so that the British manufacturer can approach the transition to electric in the best possible way.

During an interview for the Financial Times, he revealed that two electric models would see the light of day before 2025. He specified that the models will be an SUV and a sports car, possibly in connection with the current badges of the range. They will be independent of the Rapide E electric sedan, which will remain a laboratory model for the brand.

We know that Aston Martin’s SUV, the DBX, will arrive in the coming months with a hybrid version. In addition, the brand is currently planning a range of supercars and hypercars around a V6 developed in-house, but 100% thermal.

These will remain in the catalog until 2030, as confirmed by Stroll. He also ensures that Great Britain will be the cradle of two future electric novelties. The SUV will be built in Wales, while the sports car will see the light of day in Gaydon, at the brand’s headquarters. Stroll welcomes the alliance with Mercedes, which could extend to the electric.

“We are ahead of our rivals thanks to our partnership with Mercedes”, he continues. Indeed, the two firms share technologies, in particular the AMG engines used in the Aston Martins. Stroll also reveals that “All options” are being considered for the electric, starting with the use of Mercedes batteries. But whatever the partnership, these future cars will have “Our beautiful bodies, our suspensions, our dynamics and our bespoke interiors. “


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