Aston Martin DBX Tuning: Carbon wide body and 800 PS from Mansory

Especially in the world of Sports car You always make a statement by choosing a car. Wherever you stand out with a Lamborghini, there is always a Aston Martin for dignified understatement responsible. This also applies to the DBX as the brand’s first SUV. If your new luxury SUV from Gaydon suddenly becomes too inconspicuous, you can Mansory help out. The tuner has for the DBX a very bright and very carbon-heavy optics treatment and significantly more performance on offer. (Mansory wide body on the Mercedes-AMG G 63.)

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Aston Martin logos made of carbon

Mansory hits the front Apron attachment, side air deflectors and a bonnet with additional air inlets. Side skirts and a rear apron with a powerful Diffuser extend the car down while Fender flares make the DBX a lot more beefy. Two oversized spoilers grow out of the trunk lid. At the rear, customers can choose from two tailpipe variants. Optionally, double pipes placed in the middle or a four-pipe left-right system are available. In the latter, the rear diffuser is supplemented by a central F1-style tail light.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX

Attention: You can no longer screw a tow hook to the rear after the body kit has been installed, says Mansory.

The body kit concludes with numerous decorative parts such as exterior mirror caps, air outlet covers and more. All parts are made of Forged Carbon, even the Aston Martin logos. The black one paint and the carbon fiber parts are accentuated by bright lime green.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX

The rims were designed for optimal brake ventilation and aerodynamics and also have lime green accents.

Rims in huge 24 inches

Rotate in the wheelhouses Alloy wheels in monumental formats 10×24 inches at the front and 12.5×24 inches back, covered with 295/30 or 355/25 tires. The camber on the front axle appears to be quite severe, although no information is given about the chassis modifications.

Top speed of 325 km /

Also the engine does not remain in series condition. The Mercedes-AMG four-liter biturbo V8 delivers thanks to the new turbocharger, revised engine management and sports exhaust system 800 PS and pushes 1000 Nm torque into the crankshaft. Significantly more than the not exactly slim 550 PS and 700 Nm of the series.

Used car market


Current offers: Aston Martin

Aston Martin with warranty in the AUTO BILD used car market.

So equipped, the Mansory-DBX sprints in 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and runs maximally 325 km / h top. Even if the consumption Customers are hardly likely to care: Mansory gives on average 16.7 liters per 100 kilometers on.

MANSORY Aston Martin DBX

Green and black wherever you look. According to Mansory, other colors are also available on request.

Price on request

The interior is based on the exterior. Mansory lavishly laid black leather, which is also contrasted here by lime green. Sports pedals, lettering, new floor mats and some carbon parts ensure additional individuality. Mansory reveals what the tuning cure costs on request. A Basic DBX is available from a good 183,000 euros.

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