Asus: RRP of graphics cards from April 25 percent lower

Manufacturer Asus wants to reduce the recommended retail price of its graphics cards by up to 25 percent from April.

Graphics cards are slowly becoming more affordable again. In some cases, the prices for GPUs from Nvidia or AMD are getting closer to the manufacturer’s RRP. Asus intends to react to this trend starting in April and reduce the prices for graphics cards by up to 25 percent. A representative of the manufacturer announced that the price reductions will include entry-level as well as mid-range and professional cards. The reason for the planned price reductions are primarily cheaper US imports from China.

Only Nvidia cards are getting cheaper

Accordingly, US gamers can look forward to lower prices for Asus’ Geforce RTX 30 graphics cards from April. Asus is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of graphics cards with chips from AMD and Nvidia. In addition to the Asus cards, the ROG products also belong to the company. Asus also wants to get involved with the forthcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards from Intel. However, only the Nvidia graphics cards from Asus are affected by the price reduction. In addition, not every Nvidia graphics card from Asus will be 25 percent cheaper. Depending on the model, different levels of savings are possible for buyers. However, Asus did not provide any precise information in this regard.

Competition must follow suit

The move by the Taiwanese PC and component maker is seen as very important in the industry. Finally, in 2021, Asus also opened the trend of rising prices, which continues to this day. It remains unclear whether and when such price reductions will also reach German buyers. Anyone who is currently planning to buy a graphics card should perhaps wait a little longer. Because if Asus offers its graphics cards cheaper, competitors like MSI, Gigabyte and EVGA will have to follow suit.

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