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At Talpa in 2021 plenty of games, celebrities and the Meiland family

Anyone who watches Talpa channels this year will be faced with many games, many famous Dutch people and a lot of Meiland family. Quite a few viewers will enjoy that. And of course you can always run away from the TV or press a button towards another broadcaster.

Talpa, you know from producer John de Mol, held one today online content event. Normally, journalists congregate in a nicely decorated TV studio or other place and have conversations with “the stars of the upcoming TV season”. Or more than that. Talpa is of course television (SBS6, Veronica, Net5 and SBS9), but also has radio stations such as Radio Veronica, 538 and Radio 10. In addition, there is a whole social media and online event. Think of StukTV, Gierige Gasten, TV 538 and the women’s magnets LINDA, and LINDA.meiden.

Collaborations at Talpa

Now no conversations due to the corona event, but an event presented. This involved a quick switch from location to location. From central point with Leonie ter Braak to the marble studio Marble Mania from Winston Gerschtanowitz. From radio studios to the Heart of the Netherlandsdesk of Airen Mylene and Albert Verlinde.

A photo from Talpa's Marble Mania studio
Winston Gerschtanowitz in his Marble Mania studio. Photo: Talpa

Collaborations between different brands and being “cross-media”, that is what the Talpa bosses especially insisted on. That is not very special at this time, but still. “We have started to innovate and become smarter with covid-19,” said Allard Ruyl, one of the Talpa CEOs. His colleague Paul Römer adds: “All brands have come together in a kind of mini-Mediapark in Hilversum. A creative cooking pot was created there. We are all on top of each other’s lips. ” The latter sounds a bit strange in this day and age, of course, but Römer will not have meant it literally.

For the followers on the other side of the laptops, it was especially interesting to hear (and see) what we are presented with.

Talpa full of celebrities and especially the Meiland family

Radio came by at the presentation (it was announced that the successful Food Bank campaign of December this year will be repeated by Radio 538), but it was mainly television that ticked the clock. As it turns out, celebrities will be busy this year. Celebrities get behind the wheel “especially for you” (you must have a good reason) I’ll take you. Celebrities walk along with healthcare workers in corona time 30 Days In Care. Celebrities (Edsilia Rombley and Kees Tol) help overweight people in um … Overweight. Celebrities should try to escape from escape rooms in the recently started Code of Coppens. Celebrities sing duets with their idol, even when they are dead Video Duets. Celebrities go into marbles Marble Mania. And then we may have forgotten something BN. It is unknown whether the Meiland family also participates in all these programs.

A photo of Martien Meiland from Talpa
Martien Meiland gets a lot to do. Photo: Talpa

The Meiland family at home with Talpa

They will certainly do that in other programs, several in the coming season. Chateau Meiland will be continued. “Of course, I believe from March or something”, says Martien Meiland, the father of the family. “The ratings are still huge.” Daughters Maxime and Montana get their own program, Petit Chateau, in which they thoroughly tackle children’s rooms. We also see Martien again Who Of The Three, but also in a game show that he presents with Britt Dekker, First or Last. He explains how it works: “Well, look, you know… participants are not allowed to finish an assignment first or last. For example, they must be in boxes. For who stands out first, or last, it is au revoir! ” Once switched to the Heart of the Netherlandsstudio, says Albert Verlinde: “Clearly, you can use Martien Meiland as your test image.”

What catches the eye?

Different programs immediately catch the eye because of the first images. The aforementioned Marble Mania is one of them. The well-known Dutch will play marbles from January 21 on great courses, about fifteen in number. “This supersonic finals course, for example, has six thousand marbles,” shows Winston Gerschtanowitz in his studio, which he incidentally calls “epic marble center”. TV director Marco Louwerens is also enthusiastic: “As an adult down-to-earth Rotterdammer, after five seconds, I was like crazy encouraging a marble.”

A photo of Yvette from Ik Word Prostituee van Talpa
Yvette from I Become Prostitute. Photo: Talpa

Also interesting: I will become a prostitute on Net5. Yvette (35) has been wondering since her adolescence whether prostitution is something for her. In the four-part docuseries she explores what it means, both personally and professionally, to work as a sex worker in our country. It has already started, if you missed it. The second episode is tomorrow night. In Cupid and So people with autism get a push in the back or love area, in Stalked Olcay Gulsen helps Dutch people who are desperate from a stalker. She even runs after them, it was briefly seen. Johnny de Mol also helps, but then people who are struggling financially. He links them to richer families who will act as coaches. The name of the program has been considered: De Mols Hoop.

Not Meiland but Gordon

Talpa has not filled everything in with the Meiland family, but has also left room for Gordon. In his game show The Cube assignments must be completed within a specified time. Participants are in a transparent cube and can “lose lives” along the way. The images shown today are spectacular and – as we now know – England has been enjoying this for ten years. “I got ahead The Cube asked, ”says Gordon. “I am the perfect person for this of course, hahahahaha.” When asked when it will be broadcast: “No doubt on Friday nights, in 2023 or something, hahahahaha.”

A photo of Rene le Blanc
Rene le Blanc (stage name: Rene de Wit). Photo: / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

What returns to Talpa?

Success songs will of course return on Talpa channels. This applies, for example, to it never be forgotten Heart of the Netherlands, which can also be seen in the morning seven days a week since the beginning of this year. In addition to Martien Meiland, a kind of new folk idol was added on SBS6 this year: singer Rene le Blanc. He is featured in again I Believe In Me. Holiday park family Gillis is already back with Mass is Kassa. And of course we also see the once driving judge again Mr. Frank Visser Makes Verdict (“If we do not let that come back, we will be taken to court,” Albert Verlinde headlined). Finally, there will be a second season of singing competition We Want More, in which 100,000 euros can be won.

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Talpa in 2021: many celebrities, many games and a lot of Meiland


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