Athlete Koster regrets ” lousy interview ”

Athlete Maureen Koster went down in the final of the 3000 meters at the European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland on Friday. The disappointed athlete then expressed to the NOS the hope that the competitor who had stepped on her heels would be disqualified. She returned to this on Twitter a day later.

“In my emotion I said things yesterday after my race that were not neat and unsportsmanlike,” Koster wrote in a tweet a day later.

She was referring to an interview in which she explained what had happened shortly after the race. “I’m so angry. I got kicked on my heels a few times. That’s normal in an indoor race. It was a perfect race and suddenly it’s finished. I’m sure someone stepped on my foot and then I was pushed. I really hope that whoever stood on my foot gets a big disqualification “, said Koster.

Apologies followed a day later. “After a night’s sleep and analyzing the images, I know very well that it is no one else’s fault but my own. Sorry for this lousy interview,” Koster, who was considered an outsider for a medal, wrote in her tweet.


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