ATMs of major banks flat due to technical failure

A spokeswoman confirmed this after messages on social media. The website also received many reports about the problems.

This concerns approximately 3800 ATMs and cash deposit machines of major banks in the Netherlands. The organization is trying to fix it as soon as possible, but cannot yet say when the machines will be switched on again.

No money, debited anyway

Due to a network failure of the software supplier in Norway, the machines indicate that they have connection problems, which means that the process is interrupted. For some people, although they did not receive any money, the debit card amount was debited from their account. The banks say they will refund the debited amount.

Another story is if you tried to deposit money at one of the machines. In that case, it is possible that a machine has taken the money, but that the amount has not ended up in your account. According to Geldmaat, these people should contact their bank.

Geldmaat is a collaboration between ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. Since 2019, the organization has gradually taken over the ATMs of these banks.

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