Attempt 2: This is how you watch the launch of Crew Dragon tonight

Crew Dragon is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral Space Base in Florida at 9:22 PM Saturday night. The two NASA astronauts in the Crew Dragon spacecraft are Douglas Hurley (53) and Bob Behnken (49).

On Wednesday evening the launch was postponed fifteen minutes before time due to the risk of lightning. The weather forecast isn’t looking good again.


It is the first time in 9 years that astronauts have been launched into space from American soil. And for the first time that happens with a spacecraft from a commercial company: the Crew Dragon was created by the company SpaceX of Tesla boss Elon Musk. America has depended in recent years on Russia, which was the only country able to bring people back to space station ISS and back.

The launch will be broadcast live on the YouTube channels of NASA and SpaceX. The broadcast starts more than 3 hours before the launch. If the mission goes well, the astronauts will arrive in the ISS on Sunday evening.


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