Attention! 10 popular used vehicles from the TÜV report with defects

Beware of these bestsellers!

These cars are often bought, but cause problems at a young age. Beware of these ten bestsellers!

What do the Ford Fiesta, VW Touran and the BMW 5 Series have in common? A particularly large number of car buyers opt for these models, even though these vehicles show serious weaknesses during the main inspection. AUTO BILD reveals what to look for when buying a used car?

5: Defective damping or play in the axle joints

Beware of these bestsellers!

The sedan is less common in the BMW 5 Series. Touring is more popular.

In principle, it must be said that vehicles that are listed in the lower section of the TÜV report are not all bad per se. There are models that are particularly susceptible and where many different problem areas mean that a lot of money has to be put into the vehicle after the purchase. However, there are also many models that usually have one or two specific weak points, the cause of which is known and can therefore be easily remedied or avoided. The BMW 5 Series is a good example of this. The popular Bavarian is a typical long-distance runner. Vehicles with high mileage are not uncommon on the used car market, as the 5 Series is a recommended frequent driver car.

Used car search: Around 400,000 cars

Typical late consequences are chassis deficiencies such as defective damping or play in the axle joints. The other areas, where the BMW sometimes performs excellently, are of little use: The inspectors are strict, also know other vehicles with high mileage, which do better and classify the 5 Series due to these defects in the lower area.

Several VW models are particularly striking

Beware of these bestsellers!

The VW Passat also has a significantly higher proportion of variants on the used car market.

In the top 10 of the popular but problematic vehicles, three VW models are represented. There is, for example, the VW Passat, which suffers from problems similar to the 5 Series with very high mileage. In contrast to the BMW, the Passat still has an above-average number of defects on the brake discs. The practical Touran also receives notices of defects due to the brake discs. Same problem, different car: The brake discs on the Caddy are also installed above average. Unfortunately, also across all vintages. No sheet of glory for VW! AUTO BILD shows which models are also popular, but can cause problems early on.


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