Attention: 9-euro ticket is not valid on all local trains

Contrary to previous assumptions, the 9-euro ticket is not (!) valid on all local trains. The details.

There are definitely 1000 reasons why you have to be annoyed about the train. But as of today, there are 1001 reasons. Because for many weeks, Bahn AG has been emphasizing that you can travel throughout Germany with the 9-euro ticket: “For 9 euros, you can travel throughout Germany for a month in June, July or August on local transport.” But now

Bahn AG’s revocation: “The 9-euro ticket is not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG (e.g. IC, EC, ICE), even if other local transport tickets are valid on long-distance trains.”

In other words: It is not decisive for the validity of the 9-euro ticket whether you actually use a local train/RE train. What matters is who operates this train. If the local train is operated by DB Fernverkehr AG, you are not allowed to travel on it with the 9-euro ticket.

But it gets even worse: You cannot exclude such trains from the search either in the DB Navigator app or on Only when the app or the railway website has provided you with your route description will you be shown whether the 9-euro ticket is not valid on a local train. It will look like it does on that

you can see:

The train

put it this way:
“The fact that the connections are not displayed in the travel information cannot be set. The affected connections will then be informed that the 9 euro ticket is not valid.

A Twitter user commented on the Bahn tweet: “Sorry, you still don’t seem to understand that nobody outside the bubble knows the difference between DB FV and DB Regio. Especially those who are supposed to lure the ticket. That’s going to be a lot There’s frustration. You can’t just blame politics for that.”

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