Attention Amazon Prime customers: nasty attempted fraud – that’s what Amazon advises

Scammers are trying to scam Amazon Prime members. Apparently there were problems with the payment information. Amazon gives its customers these tips to protect themselves from cyber gangsters.

A new nasty fraud attempt, which has been circulating since the beginning of the week, is aimed specifically at Amazon Prime customers, as consumer advocates warn. According to this, scammers send emails claiming that the subscription bill for the Amazon Prime membership could not be paid due to a card problem. Therefore, the Amazon Prime membership was suspended. In order for the user to be able to use his Amazon Prime account again, he must update his payment information within six days. Otherwise, his Amazon Prime membership would be terminated.

To do this, the recipient of the e-mail must click on the link contained in the e-mail text. As always with such phishing emails, this does not lead to the correct login page, but to a fake fraud page on which your access data for the Amazon account is intercepted.

Delete this mail without clicking anything in it.

How to spot the fake

Amazon would address each customer personally – that is not the case in this phishing email. In addition, even the stated monthly costs for the Amazon Prime subscription are wrong. Because the mail mentions 10.71 euros plus taxes. In fact, the Prime membership costs 7.99 euros per month. Tip: The annual subscription costs 69 euros.

Due to the generally worded salutation “Hello” and also the otherwise neutral text, cyber gangsters are not only likely to send this phishing mail specifically to actual owners of an Amazon Prime account, but quite the contrary to send it to a large pool of mail addresses according to the “cluster bomb principle”. which probably includes many non-Amazon Prime customers. The criminals trust that there are already a few Prime customers among the recipients and that some of them will actually fall for this scam.

Safety tips from Amazon

On this page, Amazon provides detailed information on how to determine whether an e-mail, phone call or text message came from Amazon. Amazon states: “Amazon will never ask you for your personal information in emails, SMS messages or calls.” also emphasizes that “ emails always come from an address that points to ends (e.g.,,”. And further: “On the other hand, if you buy from another international Amazon site, the email domain indicates the country where you make the purchase (e.g. all communications from come from the domain”

You can also report a suspicious message claiming to be from Amazon on this Amazon website.

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