Attention users: Change your password now – the reason

Unknowns broke into the servers and stole user data. You need to know this now.

There has been a data theft at The popular client-server media platform points this out to its affected users in an email that we have received. The effects are currently expected to be limited, but users should act to be on the safe side.

Specifically, according to, suspicious activities were registered on the database on Tuesday, after which an investigation was immediately launched. According to the current status, the unknown third party had managed to access a “subset of data”. This includes the following data of the affected users: email address, username and encrypted password. Credit card or other payment data were not stored on the servers.

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Users should reset passwords immediately

Although the stolen passwords were encrypted, all affected users are asked to enter their passwords for security

reset immediately.

It is also recommended to check the box for logging out of all connected devices when resetting. Specifically, the email states: “This will also log out all of your devices (including any Plex Media Servers you own) and require you to log back in with your new password. It’s tedious, but we recommend it for better security .”

If you need help resetting your password, check out this support post on On the occasion, Plex users will also be prompted to enable two-factor authentication to protect their account. How this works is explained in this support article.

Additionally, Plex is reviewing the method used by the third parties to infiltrate the servers to prevent re-entry. Finally, an apology is given to all users, followed by the promise:

“We are proud of our security system and want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to resolve this incident as quickly as possible and prevent future incidents. We are aware that third parties will continue to try to protect IT infrastructures on the around the world, and rest assured that at Plex we will never be slack when it comes to strengthening our security and defense measures.

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