Attention PS5 players: Sony brings its own headsets and monitors

With Inzone, Sony is launching a new brand that produces headsets and monitors specifically for the Playstation 5. And they have a lot to offer.

After it became known last week that Sony is probably planning to introduce a new PS5 controller, new leaks indicate that it will not stop there. According to Exputer, alongside the Playstation 5 “Pro” controller, Sony will also

three new headsets and two new monitors

introduce. This is known so far:

Three new Inzone headsets

According to the known information, Sony will bring headsets in three different price ranges, which will be sold under Sony’s new Inzone brand. All models support spatial sound and should meet the “Discord certified” quality standard.

Inzone H3

Inzone H7

Inzone H9

Nothing is known about the exact prices of the three models.

The two new monitors will also be marketed under the Inzone brand and will bring special features for Playstation players. The model names are not yet known, nor is the price. But you already know quite a bit about the technical details.

One monitor should support 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz, the other 240 Hertz with a Full HD resolution. Both should support the VRR function (Variable Refresh Rate) of the Playstation 5 and G-Sync via HDMI. At the same time, they should benefit from a low response time (1 ms GtG) and support HDR (4K display: HDR 600, FHD display: HDR 400). It is also speculated that the monitors will offer some gaming-specific features, such as displaying the frame rate and brightening dark areas in the game.

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