Audi A1 Citycarver: Mini SUV in the first test

What can the A1 Citycarver do?

Just a souped-up sportback or a stand-alone one? AUTO BILD clarifies what the new Audi A1 Citycarver can do in the first test.

Dhe new Audi A1 city carver play this modern type style SUV particularly talented. But can the little Audi do something too? Our first test shows that. Where does it stand in direct comparison with already established small SUVs? We base this on objective results such as driving performance, braking behavior, costs and dimensions. We also sort by subjective aspects. How about, for example Brand image, the design is coherent, comes Driving pleasure on?

There is no noble competition in the four-meter class

Audi A1 Citycarver (2020): Test – Engine – Price – Mini SUV

What is the A1 Citycarver good for?

Prestigious: Audi has something expensive premium bonus – of course, this translates directly to the smallest model. Too bad that the Citycarver the Q of Audi’s SUV nomenclature not allowed to wear. As a result, it only comes away at the regulars’ table of car fans as a special model of the A1 Sportback. What helps the city carver to score in terms of prestige: In the smallest league Audi has no direct competition. BMW, Mini and Mercedes mix in the Four-meter department not with. And compared to Citroën, Ford & Co., Audi clearly has more radiance. He successfully conceals the fact that the city carver is related to the VW T-Cross and therefore very closely related to the Polo.

LED indicators with dynamic lighting function

Blender? The honeycomb grill, which looks high-quality from a distance, is just a simple cast part from up close.

Design: He is independent. The Relationship to the A1 Sportback the city carver leverages accordingly by raising it accordingly impressive ground clearance on. Otherwise: It looks strong and sporty, but ruffled in the details. Underride protection made of plastic, the contoured roof spoiler from the S-Line repertoire, the wheel arch plastic arches – all of these applications look more like retrofitted attachments. The striking honeycomb grill sets it apart from the crowd, but the simple cast part does not look as premium as the rest from a short viewing distance. The interior is felt to be of higher quality. You can even get ambient lighting – it actually did Upper class lounge character. Also cool: LED indicators with dynamic light function – rare fun in the small car class. Attention: both cost extra.

The Citycarver cannot completely convince when driving

Audi A1 city carver

The crisp, coordinated Audi is fun, but the three-cylinder should get started better when starting off.

Fun: The test car with 1.0 three-cylinder accomplishes 116 hp. That’s enough 200 km / h Top speed and sprints to 100 in under ten seconds. A significantly stronger (but also more than 100 kilograms heavier) Citroën DS3 Crossback 130 is not faster. The six-speed gearbox of the Audi should give way more smoothly Turbo gasoline should start busily when starting off. If you want to hiss quickly at the traffic lights, you have to do plenty in Clutch slip balance around. That looks annoying and sounds improperly struggled. Even when revving up, the three-cylinder should deliver more relaxed – load and speed screw into one subtle noise high. Otherwise: The light-footed A1 prepares through its plump tuning really good moodbrakes very well steers fine and soulful.

Due to the elevation, it is not particularly inhibited in curves. The 45 tire cross-section (the test car stands on 18-inch wheels) tarnishes everyone Driving precision however, the comfort balance, small Bumps penetrate as Mini quake down to the interior.

The conclusion: Despite the “mass base” – the Citycarver derived from the Polo looks like an independent model. He serves the topic of SUV as a lifestyle companion very well. Warning: Despite the abundance of SUV bonds, it remains a small car and offers sufficient space. Great: The city carver is extremely safe. AUTO BILD test score: 2. Further details on the Audi A1 Citycarver can be found in the picture gallery.


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