Audi A8 D4: used luxury Audi with 435 hp at the Passat price!

Luxury Audi with 435 hp at the Passat price!

This Audi A8 has a lot of power, didn’t run much – and was reasonably priced. The used 435 hp sedan is available for the price of a 150 hp Passat!

Ein a fast Audi A8 with lots of space, comfort and prestige at an affordable price? Sounds like the perfect vehicle – and is certainly very difficult to find. This offer could be a hit: In the Saxon Hoyerswerda is currently this used Audi A8 4.0 TFSI offered for sale.
Inexpensive Audi A8 with 435 hp. The imposing sedan has a V8 biturbo under the hood and convinces with comfort at the upper class level. The price also seems to be right, after all, 34,980 euros are for one well four year old luxuryAudi really not expensive. With an original basic price of almost 100,000 euros, the loss in value is enormous. For the price of this used powerAudi there is also one new VW Passat with business equipment – it costs about the same, but has only 150 hp.

Good offer with small hooks

Luxury Audi with 435 hp at the Passat price!

The black A8 is simple, but classy. Matrix LED headlights ensure optimal lighting conditions.

But as so often, the apparently perfect offer has at least one catch. With this A8 first catches the eye that the dealer has not specified the number of previous vehicle owners. In addition, the car is not offered as a service book, which could also deter potential buyers. But the seller is promoting it new TÜV from purchase, as with all vehicles in the AUTO BILD used car market, a guarantee is included in the price. In terms of age and mileage, the built in 2016 drives Audi with an average level of 89,100 kilometers – compared to similar offers. However, it is anything but average 4.0-liter V8 with biturbo charging, the most powerful series V8 at the production time between 2013 and 2017, the Audi for the A8 had on offer. Sated 435 hp and up to 600 Nm Torque provides speed boosts that many sports cars would be jealous of. In combination with all-wheel drive and eight-speed Tiptronic, the two-ton sedan pushes to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, at 250 the electronics anchors.

The dark look is excellent for the A8

Luxury Audi with 435 hp at the Passat price!

When you look into the 2016 interior, you can see how much the cockpit design has changed in recent years.

With so much power, the fuel in the TFSIA8 of course quickly short. The stated 9.3 liter consumption can hardly be kept on average, but is more realistic Average values ​​between eleven and twelve liters of super. Some people will be able to cope with it if they do it with one completely in “Mythosschwarz” painted noble sleigh may drive up. The dark color scheme, which is only broken by a few chrome applications, suits the luxuryAudi outstanding. Care in the interior gray leather seats, wooden inlays and amenities such as the Bose sound system or a panoramic roof for a comfortable atmosphere. All in all, this used A8 offers many top components for comparatively little money. More used Audi A8 with guarantee can be found here!


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