Audi plans to develop its own network of “superchargers”

If Audi can take advantage of the Ionity network, the brand plans to develop its own network of terminals.

If the autonomy of electric cars swells over the months, the network of public terminals is still decisive. This is what makes Tesla so strong, which, with its specific Supercharger network, reassures customers. It is now the will of Audi, which wants to go it alone.

While the manufacturer is shifting into second gear in electrification, the boss of the brand believes that the development of public charging solutions is too slow. In an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Markus Duesmann said: “We do not want our vehicles to break down due to the lack of charging stations”.

Audi will face the German administration

Thus, the brand with the Rings plans to set up a network of fast charging stations exclusively reserved for its models but also for Porsche electric cars. According to initial information, the project presented to the board of directors provides for 200 to 300 stations initially, with terminals that can target 150 kW of power.

The manufacturer, however, faces the German administration. Thus, according to the German daily, the German Association for Electric Mobility has criticized the Audi project and expressed its dissatisfaction. Back to the wall, the association has indicated that the Audi project is “Not in accordance with existing specialized laws and their definitions”. There would also exist “A lack of knowledge on electrotechnical bases, knowledge of regulatory principles for market-oriented structures and overall understanding of electromobility”. Just that !

The EnBW group, the BDEW Industrial Association and the German Ministry of Justice were also added to the list of detractors.


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