Audi puts Abt inactive after cheating in sim race

Abbot has taken part in the sim races of the official Formula E championship in recent weeks, but the German managed to break the pot behind the virtual steering wheel. Last weekend the Audi driver was suddenly very fast during the virtual ePrix of Berlin and even finished on the podium, but after the race the monkey came out of the sleeve: Abbot had not participated in the race himself, but instead had a let professional simracer drive for him.

After Abt’s cheating came to light, the German was disqualified and the Formula E organization had to donate a sum of € 10,000 to a charity. However, it will not stop there for the 27-year-old German: his Formula E team announced today that the driver has been suspended for the time being.

Audi intervenes

“Integrity, transparency and compliance with the rules are at the top of Audi. This applies to all activities in which the brand is involved, without any exception,” the statement read. “That is why Audi Sport has decided to suspend Daniel immediately.”

Abbot immediately apologized on his social media channels on Sunday morning, but to no avail. Although Audi officially speaks of a ‘suspension’, the driver is expected to no longer have to return to the German brand and his expiring contract will not be renewed. The driver has been in the electric formula car championship since the very first Formula E race in 2014 and won two races in 2018 in Mexico City and Berlin.

Not the first

Abbot is not the first driver who has run out of work due to his actions in sim racing. Earlier, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson was fired by his team after a racist statement by the driver during a live stream.


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