Audi Q2 in the used car check: strengths and weaknesses

Audi’s smallest SUV Q2 is based on the VW Golf kit and has old Audi qualities. Unfortunately also in terms of price. The most important information for used car buyers from the AUTO BILD TÜV report!

Audi Q2

Construction time: 2016 until today
Engines: 116 PS (1.0 TFSI) to 300 PS (SQ2)
Price: from 15,500 euros
Occupant safety (Euro NCAP crash test 2016): five stars

Audi Q2

Lively colors, offset C-pillar: with the Q2, Audi is targeting younger customers.

That’s him: A successful high seat, built from the MQB construction kit, from which also golf, Audi A3 and the higher-level derivatives. With 4.19 meters is it shorter than a A3, but offers very decent space inside – and a raised, because higher seat position. As expected, this is less than in a classic SUV: with an exterior height of 1.51 meters, the sporty, flat roof and just 15 centimeters of ground clearance Q2 rather the crossover. But it also makes plenty of space in the trunk: with 415 to 1045 liters, a lot can be accommodated for a car of this size, more than in the golf. On request is the Q2 fully digital with a freely programmable cockpit, and it has a multimedia system with a screen on top of the center console and a rotary / push button Audi-School.

Audi Q2 in the AUTO BILD used car market

He can do that: Chasing through the bends like 007. With two smooth turns from lock to lock, the steering is directly translated; Nevertheless, it does not respond so nervously that you have to keep your hands on the steering wheel with full concentration when driving straight ahead. They have the landing gear Audi-typically rather tightly coordinated. Goes well with the range of engines: Even the one-liter three-cylinder turbo with 116 hp is doing well, our tip is that Q2 with the four-cylinder gasoline engine and 150 hp. At the end of 2018, the SQ2 came with a 300-horsepower two-liter four-cylinder. Since the end of 2018, the two diesels have been producing 116 and 150 PS, before that there was also a 190 PS diesel, which (as with 150 PS) always drove up as an all-wheel drive.

That causes trouble: As with A3 The following: The DSG transmission jerks when starting, software updates should help. the The quality of the inside material does not come close to that of its big brothers, also in terms of workmanship. In 2019, for example, a recall due to a faulty welded connection on the rear seat back.

TÜV judgment

landing gear
The axle suspension is flawless. Likewise, the steering system and joints as well as drive shafts. And rust? Nothing. Defective suspension springs or shock absorbers occur during the first general inspection, but these results also remain in the green area.
No shadow falls on Q2 in this segment. The test results with regard to low beam, front and rear lighting and turn signals all remain below the class average.
Even a hero stumbles from time to time. But that’s hardly worth mentioning. The Q2 is exemplary in terms of brake lines and hoses. The function of the parking brake remains inconclusive, the foot brake is criticized in every thousandth vehicle. The brake discs also show signs of wear after around 36,000 kilometers.

Audi Q2 in the AUTO BILD used car market

The grade 1 gets the Q2 finally also in the environmental chapter. Loss of oil, defects in the exhaust system and mistakes at the AU never or rarely occur and in any case remain below the average for the class.

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