Audi Q5, Alfa Stelvio, BMW X3: three mid-range SUVs in the test

In a first comparison, the new Q5 is presented to the noble SUVs Stelvio and X3

SUVs can be bad guys. Or fine companions. Like the new Audi Q5. In the first test comparison, he meets Alfa Stelvio and BMW X3.

Audi Q5 (2020): Facelift – New Presentation – SUV – Market Launch

Everything about the fresh Audi Q5

Boulevard instead of a quarry pond. SUVs are nowadays more of a model type than a tough guy. All-wheel drive costs (often) a hefty surcharge, and 20 inch alloy wheels including the mini cross-section of the wide tires are guaranteed not to get along ideally with gravel as the surface In short: SUVs are long gone no 4×4 heroes more – but mostly pretty well prepared for going out and more and more types to show off. However, with gradations. The right one cultivated variants carry big names, one that is as smooth as it is strong gasoline engine under the hood – and they’re just the right size.

Four-cylinder petrol engines are used in all three SUVs

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0 Turbo Audi Q5 45 TFSI Quattro BMW X3 xDrive30i

Two liters, four cylinders, turbo: the performance spectrum of the three test candidates ranges from 252 to 280 hp.

© Olaf Itrich / AUTO BILD

They are not as compact as an Opel Mokka and not as broad-shouldered as types from the Mercedes-GLS league. Three of these nobler mid-range SUVs with manners we have put up here. From Audi and BMW come the classics of the league. The most recent lifted Q5 we send into the field as a 265 hp 45 TFSI. BMW can do this in this class with the X3 30i – that is, 252 hp – come up. And then there is Alfa Romeo. Im chic Stelvio is a 280 hp petrol engine heart. In all three SUVs, a turbocharger blows the power out of one Two-liter four-cylinder. Unusual with the Stelvio: The Italian gets by with just one camshaft. A Oil hydraulics (called the MultiAir principle) regulates the will to open the camshaft. All three SUVs send their forces variable on all four bikes – but with different types of gear. (Calculate maintenance costs? To comparison of car insurance)

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In the Audi one sorts Automatic double clutch seven forward gears, with BMW and Alfa Romeo “real” Converter automats directing the speeds. So all around the best conditions for sovereign driving performance, dignified comfort and a confident handling of everyday tasks. Who shows the best manners? The answer to this question can be found in the picture gallery.


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