Audi RS 3 (2020): This RS 3 is getting really bad

So bad the new RS 3

With the details of other RS ​​models, Audi’s new RS 3 is visually significantly more aggressive than its predecessor. AUTO BILD has the information.

SSince the presentation of the new A3, everything has been waiting for the most powerful variant – the RS 3. Visually, Audi should already put a shovel on the compact sports car and design it extra nasty. Reason enough for the AUTO BILD artist to make an illustration of the RS 3 based on Erlkönigen.

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The front should get significantly larger air intakes and a frameless single-frame grill like the RS Q3. In addition, the Sport A3 gets significantly wider fenders, which makes it look beefier. The roof edge spoiler at the rear also grows and, like the other RS ​​models, has a more pronounced shape, creating a central indentation. The color of the taillights is also based on RS 6 and Co: the glass is a tad darker than that of the regular model. The new apron with recessed diffuser and two large oval tailpipes should be a real eye-catcher.

It remains with the five-cylinder

So bad the new RS 3

The new RS 3 could get up to 420 hp. It remains with the five-cylinder engine.

But not only visually, Audi is also not going to be fooled when it comes to performance. The five-cylinder turbo, dual clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive remain, but there is still something to be done in terms of performance. The 2.5 liter engine with 420 HP and 500 Nm could each increase 20 HP and 20 Nm compared to the predecessor. For the standard sprint, the three could stand before the comma. The RS3 currently needs 4.1 seconds to run from a standing start to 100 km / h. The top speed should be – electronically limited – at 250 km / h and raised to 280 km / h for an additional charge.

Market launch and price

Audi may still introduce the new RS 3 at the end of 2020, but it will not be available from dealers until 2021. The power compact is priced probably a little less than 60,000 euros cost in the base.


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