Audi RS 4 Avant in the AUTO BILD long-term test

We were lucky again. Tempo 130 is apparently off the table for the traffic light coalition. We can therefore continue to dedicate ourselves carefree to our Audi RS 4, a first-class athlete built for high speeds. You can just let it go – here I can tell you, we’re among ourselves – sometimes. So right. Without therefore being brought before the judge. The Audi does something like that extremely sovereign, is very fast, stable and without any nervousness. Almost relaxed, almost.

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Powerful engine, fast automatic, firm chassis, fine steering, simply great class, all of that. And far from half-hearted frenzy. Join in excellent seats with real long-distance qualities. Criticism? Is there. It concerns the, sorry, pretty stupid ones Voice control. She really doesn’t understand much. Not very bright, the system, there is better.
AUDI RS 4 Avant

RS 4 interior: fine ambience, flattened steering wheel and beautiful digital instruments. Operation with touchscreen.

The good news: That navigation system is one of the smarter kind, fast, smart and clever when looking for alternative routes around the currently widespread traffic jams. Helpful and also very nicely done graphically. Even when the mileage is now advanced, the Audi is in captivating shape, taut, firm and focused as on the first day. Just that Luggage blind sometimes reports with a slight crunch from behind. And the Alcantara on the steering wheel you can see that things are tightly packed here.
AUDI RS 4 Avant

The paint is called turbo blue, it fits. And the 900 euros are well invested!

Audi RS 4 in the AUTO BILD used car market

The Audi RS 4 Avant in the AUTO BILD long-term test

Endurance test start: May 27, 2020
Price of the test car with extras: 112,980 euros
Driven so far: 67,286 km
Test consumption: 13.1 l S / 100 km
Top: Great design, good size. Powerful engine, outstanding performance
Not so good: Well, the tank is really a bit small at 58 liters. And the voice control is not very bright

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