Audi RS 4 B7 Avant V8: MTM-tuned supercharged Audi on eBay

Politics currently tunes the republic to that Traffic turnaround one that Bundestag election 2021 is at the door. One asks motorist on the other hand, in their opinion, a part of them passionately expresses its rejection of the local emission-free Mobility.
Such Petrolheads are likely to find out about this Audi RS 4 Avant of the B7 series look forward to the current at eBay is offered for sale. The fast from Ingolstadt not only drives with a station wagon rear, V8 and All-wheel drive before. This copy owes you MTMcompressor also powerful additional ones power – and obviously pleased with a really good one Maintenance condition for very neat ones 37,499 euros.

Audi RS 4 B7 V8 MTM on eBay

According to the advertisement, the car was 2007 the first time authorized. It is about a German First delivery. Including seller stand two owner in the vehicle documents. The original service booklet was maintained throughout. The last entry is from October 2018, with a mileage of 134,000. Currently standing 142,100 kilometers on the speedometer. The next appointment at TÜV will be in August 2022 due. In addition to normal maintenance, the car has 2020 a new Front axle and a new one Bilsteinlanding gear with Wheel alignment receive. On top of that there was a new one Wheelset, new Brake pads in front, one Oil change, a Air conditioning service and new Lambda sensors.
eBay Volkswagen Audi RS4 RS

A look into the engine compartment could support the good maintenance condition of the Audi described in the ad.

Of the Compressor conversion took place in 2009 at Audi specialist MTM. According to the information, the conversion alone devoured around 42,000 euros. the originals invoice and the accompanying brochures are part of the car. That also applies to that Performance chart, which shows 537.2 HP and was necessary for the entry. In Vehicle registration document and bill are 390 kW registered. In addition to the built-in compressor set, MTM has a special one for the Audi Flap exhaust system donated and that Control unit customized. the MTM coupling According to the advertiser, it has so far not shown any signs of wear and tear. The last inspection at MTM took place in 2016 at a mileage of 117,000.
eBay Volkswagen Audi RS4 RS

From the outside, too, this RS 4 Avant makes a very good impression at first glance.

You should know that about the Audi A4 B7

Of the Audi A4 of the series B7 is rock solid, mostly rustproof and technically very sophisticated. the processing moves at a high level; Rattling or material weaknesses, for example, are extremely rare in the interior, even after years and many kilometers. Occasionally it is criticized that the optics of the A4 generations sometimes hardly different from each other. But that also means that you can still look at the B7 after years.

Audi RS 4 B7 V8 MTM on eBay

The most positive thing about the advertised car is that it is a stamped through Checkbook Has. That should ensure that the complex technique supports the care got what she needed. The eight-cylinder is not only characterized by its natural power but also by a very sensitive side. The seller also describes the car as accident free and new painted. There is only one on the front right turn signal small Rust spot.

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