Audi RS 5 (2020): test, engine, price

Only the paint on the RS 5 is gray

V6 biturbo with 450 PS and finally a cool design: Audi has refreshed the RS 5 Coupé – and we have already tested it.

Als Audi chief designer Marc Lichte When he came to Ingolstadt six years ago, the A4 and A5 were already finished – all he could do was add seasoning. And has now ground a lot of pepper out of the mill over the elegantly fast, but visually somewhat bland Audi coupe. Voilà, the overworked RS 5. First, the man who makes Audi sexy again gets up thick cheeks, has widened the wheel arches by 1.5 centimeters each. And secondly, Lichte has made the plain paint modern again. Here is the color Nardo gray and costs no extra charge; which is good because 83,500 euros base price – that’s expensive enough.

The streamlined look is very good for the RS 5

Audi RS 5

Greetings to Walter Röhrl: The three slits above the grille are reminiscent of the Sport quattro from 1984.

That light the Single frame grill wider and flatter shaped that he indicated three flat louvers above, you see. The latter is a little greeting to Walter Röhrls Sport quattro from 1984. And because you also see that there 20 incher are installed with tires in the format 275/30 (Attention, 2300 euros surcharge!), let’s click together with the tongue: delicious! The engine is still under the long bonnet 2.9 liter biturbo petrol engine, a six cylinder with 450 hp and 600 Nm Torque. Audi couples the whole thing to one Eight-speed automatic and builds so that this achievement comes onto the road in every situation, all wheel drive a. So much for the theory. Now you sit on this tight, well contoured Sport seats, quilted leather, red stitching, red belts, you have the best steering wheel in such a coupé in your hands, flattened at the bottom Alcantara based. And look forward to the test drive.

The Audi makes almost everyone a good driver

Audi RS 5

Dynamist: The RS 5 also turns average drivers into curve artists – with lots of technical tricks.

Yes, the sound of the two oval tailpipes is good. But good doesn’t mean very good, perfect doesn’t mean breathtaking. Honestly we have to say that we are while driving and listening want as much courage and creativity as with optics. The maximum torque stands by 1900 to 5000 tours available, so actually always, you step on the gas, a blink of an eye later (3.9 seconds) are you going Speedometer 100, you switch with the Steering wheel paddles back, peng, it pushes you into your seat in no time at all, you snip curves, step on the gas again – and you feel like Walter Röhrl, that’s how safe you are in the RS 5. Audi has upgraded the fastest A5 technically, as if they wanted to go to war against physics. in the normal driving 40 percent of the forces come to the front axle, 60 to the rear. When the Audi stumbles in a curve, up to 70 percent of the power flows forward or up to 85 percent backwards. You don’t notice any of this, like that Perfect they have balanced the load, so delicate are the Audi doctors operated away from physical influences.

Is it fun? Yes, because now too Otto normal driver can cut curves with Karacho. And no, because you want fewer filters in all of this. Unless you hit the RS button on the steering wheel: Engine and Transmission management hone, the steering support, the sport differential, chassis, sound. If you press for three seconds, it will report ESP from. And then you let the sow fly, and you think: If the engine yells at you as loud as the wide grill and the thick cheeks, then only the paint is gray.

The conclusion: The facelift is good for the RS 5, the three centimeters wider rear looks great. Audi offers something for the eye – and could dare more for ears and heart. More riot, less perfection, please!
AUTO BILD test score: 2

Technical data Audi RS 5:
• Engine: V6, biturbo, lengthways at the front
• Displacement: 2894 cm³
• Power: 331 kW (450 hp) at 5700 rpm
• Max. Torque: 600 Nm at 1900 / min
• Drive: four-wheel, eight-speed automatic
• Length / width / height: 4723/1866/1372 mm
• Empty weight: 1707 kg
• Boot space 465 l
• 0–100 km / h: 3.9 s
• Vmax : 250 km / h (optional 280 km / h)
• Consumption: 9.1 l SP / 100 km
• CO2 emissions: 208 g / km
Price: from 83,500 euros


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