Audi RS 6 with 1001 hp from tuner MTM: is it still available?

If there is a tuner who is familiar with Audi’s legendary power station wagon and can tell many stories, then it is MTM. Boss Roland Mayer has always felt the need to drive significantly lighter sports cars into the ground with this two-ton truck. With success, no RS 6 is currently faster, at least not in our time tables.

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At the Sachsenring in 2015, the 760 hp Clubsport sedan hit the asphalt in 1:34 minutes. A few years earlier, Mayer shocked the sportscars world with the most intriguing conversion of an Audi RS 6 (C5) to date.
Mayer made the station wagon 200 kilos lighter, stripped the interior down to the metal, packed full bucket seats and a cage and converted the transmission to manual transmission. Added to this was 580 hp and under the wide wheel arches 295 skins, Michelin Cup 2, of course.
How did that go? Unreal! When the cage creaks, the eight-cylinder snorts at the front, you stir in sixth gear at 280 and curves really become straight, it’s an incredible experience.

Slightly oversteering around the course – great fun with the MTM RS 6!

Back to now. A few weeks ago, MTM started with our Papenburg 3000. With the aim of showing the 911 armada what a station wagon can do. The intentions for this seemed good, the V8 biturbo came up with 1001 hp.

But then everything turned out differently. On the first try, a charge air hose came loose at Tempo 313, closing time. In addition, pilot Heubacher did not use the launch control, which meant that the RS 6 lost a few tenths during the sprint. A disaster for Mayer, the Bavarian wanted revenge quickly, including the lap time at the Sachsenring.

401 hp more than the standard Audi RS 6

And so the tuner sent his best horse in the stable, IN-RM 666. 1001 hp sounds unbelievable, especially since the production car has a whopping 401 hp less.

The extreme increase in performance is mainly due to the two machined turbochargers. A larger turbine shaft and larger compressor wheel as well as a reinforced axial bearing and enlarged turbocharger inlet were used here.


Optically like the series except for the carbon. 1001 hp? How? Two modified turbos, intake and large-volume exhaust system.

In addition, modified boost pressure sensors, larger-volume intake hoses and air filter box. The transmission software was reversed, the shift speed in the lower gears increased to 7100 rpm, the launch control starting speed to 2900 rpm.

Exhaust? Oversized stainless steel tubing plus 300 cell metal cat. Landing gear? Threaded springs for the standard air suspension. 22-inch wheels for longitudinal dynamics and 21-inch wheels for lap times, Michelin Cup 2, of course!

From 3500 tours no stopping in the MTM

Before the fast lap, it’s off to the road and motorway in the direction of the DEKRA test oval. And there it is again, that casual gasping, like it used to be with the RS 6 Clubsport. You level off on the A 9 at a speed of 200 km/h and feel like you’re rolling along at idle.

Switch to dynamic mode, the exhaust system confirms the tightening with sputtering and growling, from 3500 tours the red RS 6 knows no stopping and only has to flee forward.


Who would have thought that you could steer the ideal line with a station wagon as precisely as with McLaren, Porsche and Co?

330 things are quickly reached, the stated Vmax of 350 km/h is not a pipe dream. In the sprint measurements, it is important to equalize the Papenburg values. The 1250 Newton meters quickly move the car half a car width to the left when starting.

The gears bang into the waves with full drive torque, the Papenburg values ​​are cracked, the sprint times of the series shatter like flies on the full-frame front. 14.7 to 20.8 seconds from zero to 250 km/h – welcome to the ultra-fast club!

The MTM tips the scales at a manageable 2166 kilos

Quickly over to the Sachsenring, change wheels, from 22 to 21 inches, from Pilot Sport 4 S to Cup 2, air pressure down to 2.0 and off we go. Even at the start and finish, the station wagon impresses with its powerful thrust. When braking, you can use the slightly oversteering rear end to reduce the cornering radius.

Visually similar to the series, but technically it sounds in a completely different world. More riot is not possible.

Semi-slicks and the chassis push the Audi into the ideal line even better than the series. The 2166 kilos feel a lot lighter and handier here. And with times at the level of established super athletes in the mountainous sectors, the new record for station wagons is only a matter of form.

Technical data and price: MTM RS 6

Engine type: V8
Charge: Biturbo
Installation position: front lengthways
Valves / camshafts: 4 per cylinder/4
Displacement: 3996cc
kW (hp) b. rpm: 736(1001)/7250
liter output: 251 hp/l
b. rpm: 1250/limited
Transmission: eight-speed automatic
Type of drive: four wheel drive
Brakes front: 440 mm ventilated/perforated
Rear brakes: 370 mm ventilated/perforated
Brake disc material: carbon ceramic
Wheel size front – rear: 10.5×22″
Tire size front – rear: 285/30R22
Tire type: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Dimensions L/W/H: 4995/1951/1487mm
Wheelbase: 2930mm
Tank/trunk volume: 73/565-1680l
Standard consumption • CO2: 11.6 l/100 km • 265 g/km*
Emissions standard: Euro 6d temp
Empty weight/load: 2166/574kg
power-to-weight ratio: 2.2kg/hp
Top speed (according to manufacturer): 350km/h
base price: 123,500 euros
Test car price: 191,316 euros
* combined according to WLTP standard


0-50km/h: 1.4s
0-80km/h: 2.2s
0-100km/h: 2.8s
0-130km/h: 4.2s
0-180km/h: 7.2s
0-200km/h: 8.9s
0-250/300km/h: 14.7/20.4s
0-402.34 m (quarter mile): 10.60 s

braking distance
100-0 km/h cold (m/s²): 39.5 m (9.8 m/s²)
100-0 km/h warm (m/s²): 35.4 m (10.9 m/s²)
200-0 km/h warm (m/s²): 133.6 m (11.6 m/s²)

Ø per 100 km: 16.1 l Super Plus
Range: 450 km

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