Austerity measures: Twitch top streamers get less money

Twitch wants to generate more revenue from its most popular streamers and lower their revenue share.

Twitch should generate higher revenues in the future. In order to achieve this goal, the parent company Amazon is considering some adjustments. As the Bloomberg news agency reports, the group is primarily targeting the most popular streamers with high subscriber numbers.

Changes to Revenue Share and Exclusivity

Twitch top streamers will reportedly be encouraged to run more ads. Amazon also wants to change their revenue share. Currently, some of the biggest Twitch streamers get 70 percent of the sales. Amazon now reportedly wants to reduce this share to 50 percent. However, via a new tier system, streamers should be able to achieve different revenue shares by fulfilling goals. In return, Twitch could allow its streamers to be active on competing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Streamers criticize Twitch plans

Bloomberg emphasizes that the plans for changing the partnership program are not yet finalized. They could change again in the next few weeks or even be discarded. Twitch has so far declined to comment.

In the streamer community, the plans for revenue sharing are met with strong opposition. According to Twitch streamer

the changes could financially ruin thousands of streamers who produce full-time for Twitch and drive them to competing platforms. streamers

takes a positive view of the planned changes.

“Most streamers are already getting 50/50, and a tier system that automatically ranks you up would be better than asking Twitch to split it up,”

he explains in a tweet.

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