Austria gets an e-sports alliance

The big players in Austrian esports want to organize themselves better with an alliance. The eSports Association Austria (ESVÖ), the A1 eSports League Austria and the eBundesliga have joined forces for this purpose. The alliance is intended to provide more support to the 50,000 e-athletes registered in Austria. Perhaps a handful of players can make a living from this, but Allianz is also intended to promote the next generation.

To this end, an ecosystem is to be created that primarily supports the associations and strengthens communication between the individual players. This includes cooperation and communication between the large and small participants, such as the coordination between the tournaments of the A1 eSports League and the eBundesliga. With regular business circles and get-togethers, further networking opportunities are to be created.

“Everyone should know what e-sports is”

“What we had to recognize is that e-sport has not yet become widely available. That is why we wanted to join forces,” said Marco Harfmann, Director Marketing Communications at A1 on Wednesday in a virtual press conference. Sports alliance launched.

Surveys, statistics and annual reviews are published here on a regular basis. With infographics, e-sports, how you earn money as a gamer and what gamblers’ lives look like, should also be made understandable to people who have not yet dealt with the topic. “Our goal is that we no longer have to explain to anyone what e-sports is,” said Harfmann.

Gaming helps in times of crisis

Quick surveys are also to be started in order to continue the joint market research. This should enable a regular, up-to-date picture of the wishes and needs of the Austrian e-sports landscape. The first took place in January 2021 and asked gamers, among other things, whether they had played more often than usual during the pandemic. 71.5 percent of those surveyed agreed. “Gaming helped many people during the crisis and gamers were also able to overcome social problems”, said Stefan Baloh, chairman of the ESVÖ.

According to the survey, interest in esports events is high, with a total of 56.7 percent of those surveyed consuming them regularly. For many, however, it is still unthinkable to even play in tournaments. Only 21.2 percent have already taken part in a gaming competition. This is where Allianz wants to start, says Baloh.

Promotion of young talent

In addition to promoting and supporting the clubs, the organizers want to better coordinate their appointments in the future. All actors should be able to network better via a regular information meeting and business circles. With a new amateur league, in addition to the professional league, A1 intends to increasingly promote young talent in the second half of the year. You can train and meet in 4 e-sports hubs in Austria.


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