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Music from these artists increases the chance of a second date

(Photo: Getty Images) Research shows that songs like Stevie Wonder’s Superstition have a positive effect for dating. When this song…

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Porn star Mia Khalifa auctions iconic glasses in aid of Beirut

Mia Khalifa has been retired from porn for a while, but she is still wildly popular. This is also evident…

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Discovered new dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex

A new dinosaur species related to the Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in England. The bones were found on the…

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Online service Lusha sells mobile phone numbers of BVs, business leaders and politicians

A questionable online service has emerged. For a fee, Lusha leaks the mobile numbers of Flemish celebrities, business leaders and…

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Food & Drinks

aubergine rolls with spinach & mozzarella

Photo: Culy These aubergine rolls are a perfect vegetarian snack for a dinner or buffet. You make them well in…

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Test Purchase: “Retail prices have not fallen since lockdown, some products up to 10 percent”

“Since the beginning of March, we have been investigating the price evolution for 267 products in 9 supermarket chains. According…

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Life Style

Do you always think it smells so good after a summer rain shower? This is where it comes through

Rain may not always be nice in the summer, but when the rain is over, it sometimes leaves such a…

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prices and equipment in detail

Pending the arrival of the plug-in version, scheduled for 2021, Hyundai has just lifted the veil on the prices of…

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The party or the door for a 50-year-old PSG

Find the last four of the Champions League to celebrate its 50th anniversary: ​​three matches from an unprecedented European coronation,…

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Breaking News

Facebook wants to protect the democratic process

News sites created by political organizations will no longer enjoy the same privileges as independent media. This is the announcement,…

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