We have to talk about decisions. The auto show in Shanghai was a success, but international? Well Most of them – including the heads of the manufacturers – stayed here. Corona is to blame. What about the IAA Mobility in M.ünchen? The concept is good therecalled the most modern, most creative, be the most open fair of all. It köcould.

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The Oktoberfest is canceled. Well, BierbÄnke would be not at the new IAA, but of courseürlich if possible many visitors. You should be sure feel. Is it reasonableto pull that thing off? I dont know. But a decision must be made soon.

Tom turner

AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

Volvo and now Renault have made decisions: They regulate new cars at 180 km / h. My colleague Robin Hornig says in the comment what he thinks about it. In the election campaign, the subject of “speed limit on the autobahn” will be a big one. That has Symbolic character. The fair For The burners have been read, says Cem Ozdemir of the Greens. Has nothing to do with the speed limit? But. Actually would be all manufacturers are well advised to end this discussion before they beginhangs. Because we have known that since the driving ban hysteria, cars have öpublic No lobby debate. It’s unfair, but true.

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NEW HITS Mercedes EQE: This is how the people of Stuttgart roam in the business class New Skoda Fabia, VW T7 without manual transmission, Baltasar Revolt NEWS VW boss Brandstätter above the ID.4 GTX and a top speed of 180 km / h XXL-Charging park at the Kamen cross Tesla crash in Texas: Is it the autopilot’s fault? fatal Accident? TEST & TECHNOLOGY Jeep Compass: Small course corrections with the facelift First drive in the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo China SUV Aiways U5 in the test Three economy SUVs in comparison: Ford Kuga, Kia Sorento and Seat Tarraco VW Arteon R with above 300 hp Endurance test: 100.000 kilometers in the Honda Civic – we take stock VW Golf versus BMW 1 Series: Small engines, but sporty looks Used: BMW 5 Series for Schnlittle price REPORT Shipowner Schüit is üconvinced: The future belongs the fuel cell SERVICE Auto parts: this is how you can shop safely on the Internet ElectromobilityÄt für all? Car sharing does’s possible Of Wetness to coercion: We to explain Legal terms HEADINGS Eye-catcher: Genesis Extra tour: the first Toyota.

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