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Great buying advice: 10 small SUVs. In addition: Golf duel with 245 PS – GTI more economical than GTE hybrid? And: sedan comparison: BMW 320i against Volvo S60 B4.

M.I get a lot of mail. We are printing some of it in a new question and answer section. Thank you that the vast majority of you do not abuse me below the belt for the 10 cents price increase as some think it is necessary. What I’m getting at today is something else. A reader writes to me that he is disappointed with the charging power of his BMW hybrid, which is limited to 3.7 kW, and it takes a very, very long time even with a 22 kW charging station. This is a problem for many plug-ins, but hardly anyone knows that the internal systems limit the charging performance. I am learning: we will emphasize such details even more. So what must AUTO BILD explain to you, who else?

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Another reader suspects “fraud”, whose Mercedes hybrid now only drives 23 kilometers (far, I don’t want to say far) electrically at below five degrees, but whose gasoline engine swallows 10 liters / 100 km. According to the WLTP, it’s 2.7 liters. We have always criticized these fabulous consumption values, and experience something similar with an endurance test car. While the WLTP determines quite realistic consumption values ​​for combustion engines, hybrids, to put it casually, use the system in their favor. It’s legal. But I predict: they will not be funded for a very long time.

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The new AUTO BILD 2/2021: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Skoda brings a small Stromer in Fabia format • Jeep Grand Cherokee, new Kia logo • The innovations of the virtual CES NEWS Earning money with a leasing gap • Five facts about the rules on charging stations • Garages that are littered cost parking spaces • Comment: More e-cars than incinerators in Norway TEST & TECHNOLOGY Big buying advice with ten small SUVs • VW Golf GTI versus GTE – and what does the competition have to offer? • News from the long-term test • Sedan comparison: BMW 320i versus Volvo S60 B4 • First test with the refreshed Opel Crossland • Used cars: four recommendations in the bargain league REPORTS “My life as …” series: Lorenz family, winter service • The car park of the future SERVICE Diary: Car subscription in everyday test • First aid in Corona times • Perspective: Why car windows are particularly at risk in winter HEADINGS Eye-catcher: Mercedes ‘hyperscreen • Readers’ choice: The best brands • Motorsport: Where are the Germans? • Extra tour: Bentley Flying Spur V8.

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