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The new Audi A2 and three other super compact ones. In the new issue: Puma – the new Ford SUV in the first comparison. And: good and cheap – used Audi A4 Avant in the test.

Eit sounds contradictory, paradoxical, but maybe that’s not it. If you do short-time work because of Corona, if you fear that you will lose your job altogether, you won’t buy a car. He postpones it even if he had the plan. No purchase, mobility or exercise bonus, however mentioned, will help. He has other worries. Some of our readers also write to me. The paradox is: if the Germans only consume in supermarkets and on Amazon and nowhere else, short-time workers will become unemployed in the foreseeable future.

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AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

There is a need for incentives, also for the car industry: Those who can and want to buy cars help everyone else. In 2019, 3.6 million new cars were registered in Germany. Since nothing is normal this year, the number will be significantly lower in 2020. But how much less? A reader wrote to me that he had been buying his car for ten years now, thanks to 2500 euros in aid from the scrappage bonus. Now he would trade it back in if the grant was right. Another asked me how long he should wait to buy the car. Because: He doesn’t want to be so stupid and buy before a “premium”. The decision will be made in Berlin on June 2.

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The new AUTO BILD 22/2020: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS The new compact ones: Audi A2, Hyundai 45, Opel Astra-e and Skoda Fabia • Facelift BMW 5 Series and Mini Countryman • Mercedes makes the E-Class Coupé and Cabrio fresh NEWS Flashed under the new law – so you avoid the driving ban • The state auctioned devices for odometer manipulation • Defective Takata airbags cause trouble for Japanese oldies from Honda and Mazda TEST & TECHNOLOGY New Seat Leon ST against its predecessor – everything got better? • First drive in the first Tesla Model Y on German soil • Comparison test of the trend SUVs: New Ford Puma against Hyundai Kona, Nissan Juke, Opel Crossland X and Peugeot 2008 • Endurance test: Hyundai Santa Fe, BMW Z4, Kia Stonic and Nissan Leaf • Two 625 HP in comparison: Porsche Taycan Turbo S against BMW M8 GC • Audi A4 Avant in the used check REPORT This is how we drive to Corona • Series supplier heroes with the locking systems from Kiekert • How prototypes from BMW become camouflaged prototypes SERVICE Seven bike racks from 429 euros in the test: good does not necessarily have to be expensive • Used PS can cost money: spare parts and insurance costs from AMG to WRX HEADINGS People: Malin Ekholm • Motorsport: infographic Formula E car and the concern for Le Mans • Extra tour: colleagues Holger Karkheck and Mario Pukšec – and their oil change on the old VW Polo.

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