You will find many opinions about the IAA, including the new AUTO BILD. Two live reader voices on the topic: “This IAA, Spread over several parts of the city is bound to failjudges. Visitors want concentrated information, mainly about new ones Car models and engine developments, less about bicycles and other things Accessories “, writes Rudolf Höller from Düsseldorf. And Reinald Fabits from Leonding: “Wherever it is there was nothing automobile to see, it was empty. May it be that people continue to like in front of a ‘Auto show’ want to have?”

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Yes, anyone who expected a “live” auto show in the exhibition halls, as in ten AUTO BILD issues, has not found it – with the exception of Mercedes. Instead, he passed cargo bikes on the way to BMW. But those who took the time to visit the – stupid name – “Open Spaces” found what they were looking for. Lots of cars to touch.

Tom turner

AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

My opinion here in three sentences: The new IAA is an experiment. Experiments are allowed to fail. But if you don’t dare, you’ve already lost. You will be billed at the end.

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The new AUTO BILD 37/2021: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Eye-catcher: open spaces Top meeting in Munich: As for the car bosses above think the future W.ey and Ora: Two new ones from China Mercedes G-Class Professional, Cupra Urban Rebel, BMW i Vision Amby, ACM City One, Elegend EL1, Ford Mindfulness Concept Flat foot Goodbye: We drive Michelin’s airless tires Tech-Talk: These are the new ones Trends opinion: Departure or Swan song? NEWS CO2: E-cars are already better than diesel and gasoline engines today Big advances in batteries Bus travel could be safer Heckling: Confidence helps TEST & TECHNOLOGY Ford lifts the Fiesta and donates more security. We were already in it Plug-in SUVs in comparison: Cupra Formentor versus Hyundai Tucson News from the endurance test Attack in the upper class: the Genesis G80 wants to drive the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series into the parade – with success? Used: Mercedes C 55 T AMG REPORTS Car name: What’s the name of ‘n you? Old and young: Carlos (94) and Torben (22) on a long journey again SERVICE We are testing eight battery chargers Transmission: What are the differences, what are the advantages and disadvantages? HEADINGS Action: Model cars Motorsport: George Russell Action: Hot W.heels action: Vattenfall 73 Extra tour: Alpina XB7.

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