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E suddenly cheap – and better than a combustion engine? 6 pairs in comparison. In addition: XC40, CX-30, X1 and Kadjar – 4 trendy SUVs in the test. And: 245 mm winter tires tested – only 6 are really good!

GFirst of all: I am again interested in your opinion today. Should the large and small auto suppliers get “free market aid” (that in itself is a contradiction in terms) from the state? I think: actually NO! We don’t need any new “coal” subsidies. In contrast to coal, this branch of industry, in which there are also a large number of medium-sized companies, is far from dead. It is innovative, future-oriented, growth driver. But not everywhere and in every area.

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AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

This industry has to change and maybe even shrink back to health. Manufacturers have perfected the system of outsourcing hundreds of components in their cars to suppliers. The added value at Tesla ends up at Tesla, many people earn money with golf, and that was a good thing for decades. Since fewer components are installed in e-cars, the manufacturers are now checking these dependencies. And that makes sense. For a long time, however, we will certainly still build more gearboxes than electric motors. By the way: my industry is also familiar with change. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is now building e-car charging wall boxes for the home …

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FREE 16-page extra AUTO BILD Commercial Vehicles NEW HITS Presentation: The fourth generation of the Hyundai Tucson NEWS First pictures: Germany’s cheapest new car, the Dacia Sandero • New study: e-premium boosts sales TEST & TECHNOLOGY First ride: Octavia RS iV, the RS now also with plug and 245 hp • First ride: Audi S3, the A3 now with 310 hp four-cylinder • First ride: Toyota RAV4, the SUV with plug-in and 306 hp • Big one Comparison with six pairs: electric versus combustion • Comparison test with a small gasoline engine and without all-wheel drive: BMW X1 versus Mazda CX-30, Volvo XC40 and Renault Kadjar • 51 winter tires of size 245/45 R 18 in the test • Used car: Opel Adam much better than Mini REPORTS A visit to Germany’s fastest construction site: Tesla in Grünheide • The heroes of suppliers: Brose, the window regulators SERVICE Promotion: Hot Wheels Legends Tour • Motorsport: The big extra to the 24h race on the Nürburgring • Promotion: The Fiat sports family • Inspection: Do it yourself saves money • Promotion: We pay your bill • Fines: Penalties for weird traffic sins HEADINGS Extra tour: Citroën Ami in Berlin.

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